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Fanny Ardant

First seen on television in Nina Companeez's "Les dames de la côte", Fanny Ardant found her first major film role in François Truffaut's "La femme d'à côté", with whom she would work again three years later in "Vivement dimanche!

She went on to work with such exciting and diverse directors as Alain Resnais ("La vie est un roman", "L'amour à mort", "Mélo"), Costa Gavras ("Conseil de famille"), Claude Lelouch ("Les uns et les autres", "Roman de gare"), André Delvaux ("Benvenuta"), Michel Deville ("Le paltoquet") and Yves Angelo ("Le colonel Chabert")....

She also worked with such prestigious European directors as Ettore Scola ("La famille", "Le diner"), Volker Schloendorff ("Un amour de Swann") and Margareth Von Trotta ("Les trois sœurs")... She won the César for Best Actress in 96 for Gabriel Aghion's "Pédale Douce", and triumphed at the same time in Patrice Leconte's "Ridicule".

Alternating between auteur films ("Change-moi ma vie" by Liria Begeja) and popular comedies ("La débandade" by Claude Berri, "Le fils du français" by Gérard Lauzier), she took part in Sidney Pollack's remake of "Sabrina", before starring in Michelangelo Antonioni's latest film, "Par delà les nuages" (co-directed by Wim Wenders), and Franco Zeffirelli's "Callas Forever".

In recent years, she has triumphed in François Ozon's "Huit Femmes", captivated audiences in Anne Fontaine's "Nathalie..." and Paolo Sorrentino's "Il Divo", and surprised audiences in Tsaï Ming-Liang's "Visage".

In 2009, she directed her first film, "Cendres et sang", presented in the official selection (out of competition) at Cannes. Cadences obstinées" followed in 2013.

Alongside her work in film and television ("Le Chef de Famille" and "La Grande Cabriole" by Nina Companeez, "Balzac", "Rasputin" and "Nos retrouvailles" by Josée Dayan), Fanny Ardant has continued her successful stage career: Strinberg's "Mademoiselle Julie" (Andreas Voutsinas), Molière's "Don Juan" (Francis Huster), Jean-Claude Carrière's "L'aide mémoire" (Bernard Murat), Terence Mc Nally's "Master Class" (Roman Polanski), Marguerite Duras' "La musica deuxième" (Bernard Murat), "Sarah" by John Murell (Bernard Murat), "La bête dans la jungle" by Henry James (Jacques Lassalle), "La maladie de la mort" by Marguerite Duras (Bérangère Bonvoisin), "Music Hall" by Jean-Luc Lagarce (Lambert Wilson), "L'année de la pensée magique" by Joan Didion.

She recently directed Stéphane Sondheim's "Passion" with Nathalie Dessay at the Châtelet, directed Gérard Depardieu in "Le Divan de Staline", her 3rd film as director, and acted under the direction of Nadir Moknèche in "Lola Pater", while alternating between theatrical roles as diverse as "Cassandre" in a text by Crista Wolf, Coco Baisos in Marcel Mithois' "Croque-monsieur" directed by Thierry Klifa, and the lover in "Hiroshima mon amour" after Marguerite Duras directed by Bertrand Marcos.

In 2017, she directed the short film "Magie noire" for 3e Scène. Finally, in 2020, she won the César for Best Supporting Actress for Nicolas Bedos' "La Belle Epoque".

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