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Corinne Benizio

During her drama studies at the Censier University in Paris, Corinne Benizio meets her future husband and stage partner, Gilles Benizio, in 1982. Both passionate about comedy, the couple decide to form together a comedy duo. They intern with Ariane Mnouchkine, who helps them find the characters for Shirley and Dino.

In 1987, they found their own company, "Achille Tonic", and create their first show on the music-hall’s theme, which they performed at the Festival of Avignon the following year. Over the next ten years, they created several shows featuring the characters of Shirley and Dino. Recurring guests on TV shows such as Patrick Sébastien's "Le plus grand cabaret du monde", they made themselves known to the general public. Their offbeat humor, mainly inspired by the cabaret, made them win, in 2003, the Moliere for Best Humor Show for their play Shirley and Dino.

In 2005, they move from stage to the big screen, with their first comedy film, Cabaret Paradis, in which their avatars inherit a cabaret.


Les Films Pelleas